Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Think ahead and never stop for directions!

Women, are you tired of getting lost? Men, are you tired of someone always telling you to get out and ask for directions? Then this is for both of you! (Smile)

Publicroutes.com has recently popped up to help us save time, gas, and maybe even a few marriages along the way, by giving us printable directions online. Wherever you may be going, it will help you find your way. Simply choose the city you are interested in and hit enter. From there it is simple. Actually, the whole process is simple, quick, and easy. Fill in the text boxes required to find the directions you are looking for and before you know it, you have your directions. Woohoo!!!

This site has other features that are wonderful. In fact, it allows you to "map it." This is where you enter the place you'd like the map of and voila!! The map appears. It is a nice detailed map that you can zoom in on for the finer details or zoom out on to reduce the more than needed details.

Its definitely worth a look see. So, I'll see you there. If you can't find it stop here, get driving directions, for directions. LOL, Otherwise you might end up lost in a train, in the middle of nowhere or worse. (Smile)

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