Thursday, June 7, 2007

Okay, I admit it, I've fallen head over heels...

I have fallen in love with blog reviews . I find it absolutely amazing. I have made just over $35 and mostly in the last day. I have been with them for about 2 weeks now, and though I started out slow, I am finally catching up. I guess you want to know what I am going to do with all $35? I'm going to Disney World!!!

Seriously, though, $35 doesn't seem like much, but it’s a lot for a few days work promoting some pretty darned good products and services.

I have met some really great people. They are all so nice and helpful. I even had a few concerns when I first started, and the experienced bloggers came to my rescue in the forum. The whole forum is full of experienced bloggers showing newbie’s how to succeed at blogging. How often do you see would be competitors helping each other out? The answer to that would be, never. Bloggers at payperpost do not seem to consider themselves competitors. Instead, they count themselves as friends, colleagues and sometimes more. Everyone is willing to help. I love it!

After years of searching for a legitimate opportunity to work at home, I feel like I have finally found my niche. So, thanks so much payperpost. You are just what I needed.


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