Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Direct way to advertise for a specific advertiser.

Payperpost Direct has recently come out with a new feature that will ensure bloggers much happiness.

Imagine being able to find your own advertisers. Maybe an advertiser is scanning through your blog and likes your theme. What’s more is that the advertiser loves the way you, in particular, write. Well with payperpost direct, the advertiser could hire you with the click of a button, or should I say badge?

To begin with, the blogger posts the payperpost direct badge on their blog. This badge is located in your ppp tools icon. Then simply hit the ppp direct badge and there you are, right smack in the middle of the payperpost direct badge center. You pick the color and the style, the lowest price you would take for a direct advertising opportunity and select widget. From here on you want to make sure to verify your url and then hit add widget. You will then be brought up to your template and the badge will automatically be placed on your page.

Simple huh?

The best part is that payperpost only charges a super small fee for this opportunity. In fact, the charge is 10% compared to 50% or higher that its competitors, such as Review Me, charge.

I can't believe that they charge so much less, while doing so much work. They make sure we get paid, the earnings get claimed on taxes, and the cut out the risk factors that come from trying to negotiate with an advertiser. I mean, lets get real. Do we even know a fake advertiser from a real one? I sure don't. Payperpost is taking all the risk and they have experience in knowing the difference.

For you newbie bloggers, like me, this feature is available to all bloggers, and is simple to use. So come on and join at get paid to blog. You are bound to be happy you did!

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