Monday, March 12, 2007

EBAY and the millionaires its makes!!!

Ebay, one of the fastest growing money makers ever, is supposed to be a shoe in for anyone who wants to make money. Well, I ask you, why not me?

I love ebay. I love to buy on ebay, sell on ebay, and I would LOVE to make money on ebay. So why can't I?

Well through all of those thousands of ebay marketing schemes, the courses offered by various successfull ebayers, and the tutorials given by ebay themselves, I still can't figure out what to sell, who to trust and where to start.

I sold my childrens go carts on ebay, and a few pair of jeans. But I certainly don't have enough stuff in my home to make a million dollars. I don't even have the money to go buy a bunch of things to sell on ebay. I have heard of the drop shippers and have looked up a few, but I am not sure which one to pick.

Admittedly I am just a chicken and maybe even a baby for wanting someone to hold my hand through this phase, but it doesn't change anything. Its not that I'm not motivated. It's not that I can't do it, its simpy this, I am not sure what to do.

I expect that I am not the only one, and for those who are like me, well hopefully we'll all figure it out, but until then, I am asking, if you know what you are doing on ebay, can you please help the rest of us? Can you help us and tell us what to do in the simplest terms, for a reasonable price, if any?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Workplace Like Home

This site has a comprehensive list of a ton of companies that hire for telecommuting. I mean, this site is AWESOME!!!! The jobs are listed mostly by people who are currently working for a particular company and what the individual has to say about both the job and the company. They even go as far as to explain how to fill out the application, or what to expect after the interview.

Telecommuters are welcome to post and place their job on the site also, so it is always growing. In order to post a job, one must register for free, of course. You can ask questions about a particular job in their chatrooms and they have so many people willing to help you out.

This is one resource you don't want to miss. Take a glance and you'll be surprised!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

At Home Professions

My mother, Sherry, my sister, Crystina, and I went to a seminar a while back for a correspondence school called At Home Professions. While sitting there listening to the motivational speaker explain how each of us could get a home profession and have the job we'd always dreamt about, I realized how big the desire was for people to want to work at home. That room was large and it was full of people. I think there might have been 2-6 seats still available and that was it. We all sat scrunched up in little seats and avidly paid attention to that speaker.

At Home Professions offers several certificate plans, and they also help you get a job once you are done with your certificate program. My mother immediately signed up for medical transcription. She thought that with the training program and the help the school would give her, after completing her program, that she couldn't lose.

She did her studies and even began to take another certificate course in Medical Coding. When she finished, she had her certificates and no job. She ended up going to work in an office for Medical Coding. She wasn't dissapointed. You see, in the medical field most employers want experience.

Regardless of finishing a course or having a certificate, doctors want to know that you know your stuff. So, she made her way back into the commuting world and eventually gave up the medical field and went back to titles.

My point is this, schooling isn't enough. You need experience in the professional jobs today. Don't let this get you down because as you have seen, there are far more opportunities out there for people with no degree, or certifcate, than we had originally imagined. We'll all find something at some point, it just depends on how hard we look. (SMILE)

Monday, March 5, 2007

Cha Cha

The new human powered search engine is making waves. Many people can't understand why anyone would need a human powered search engine. Its definitely a different trend.

I signed up to be a chacha guide a couple of weeks ago and was a little dissappointed with the call flow, but after a couple of weeks things sure started moving faster. Queries came in fast and the company couldn't help but hire more agents. We are moving along great. So what is the problem?

Well, the problems are two part: 1) All of the crank queries. (Thanks to all you jokesters out there) and 2) Chacha will only pay the agent for the first ten minutes of a query. Why would that be a problem? Well, let me tell you. When searching for a real live person, the person usually has questions about the search, and the agent has to continue to look for the different searches their customer needs or wants answers to. This can't always be summed up in ten minutes.

Well, even with the problems, of this job, it sure helps me out financially. I am hoping to be able to keep on doing this for quite some time. If you are interested in trying out chacha searches the link to the right of my posts will allow you to do so. If you would like more information on becoming an agent, please let me know!! Well thats all for now.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Have You Ever Heard of Alpine Access?

Alpine access is a Customer Call Center that is based out of each employee's home. It's actually really neat. I worked for Alpine in the Office Depot/Viking Department for over 11 months.

The pay is good, $9 hour, and they don't pay you based on active calls. You get paid for every hour you are on the phone, waiting for calls, or on a call, you name it, you get paid. And what about the savings on gas alone. Seriously, at the rate gas is going for, that has to be a wonderful perk!! You get to pick your own schedule (out of the schedules they offer you) and there is no cost to join the company.

That said, their noise tolerance is zero, so you have to keep your children absolutely silent. The schedules they give you to pick from usually make you work on at least one weekend day. The scripts are strict and you must try to upsell. You also have to have dsl or a high speed internet connection (NOT WIRELESS), a headset with noise canceling feature, and a mute button. Most people use plantronics. I got my plantronics from for a fraction of the cost.

Are all of the cons enough to tell you its a bad job? Heck no!!!

In fact, had the kids been in public school and not at home, I would probably still be working there, but six children and silence???? I don't think so.

If you are looking for work and you think you can keep your background noise to zero, then Alpine Access may be the place for you.

Check out if you want to explore this option further.