Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Is it worth it - continued

So here is the "what's next."

For those of you who have done what I am about to describe let me know if I get it wrong or if I need to modify something.

When the offers run out and there is no money left to be made that way, although I'm told that there are some offers that you can do over and over again, there is another way.

This will only work if you have some money to invest. Instead of doing the offers for others, you will now be the one who pays people to do offers for you. Why would you do this? Well let me tell you.

Say paypal offers you $350 for 4 green referrals. Well you just paid $25 to 4 people and got $350 for it. You spent $100 and got $250. Thats quite a return. The trouble with this is that sometimes people go green, but then get flagged. That means you paid because they went green, but something happened and they have been put on hold. Now you have to either find out if the trader will be able to complete this trade or if you have to go after your money because you got scammed.

There are trading records called TR's The more TR's you have accompanied by comments, the better trader you are.

I personally have a TR of 3. This means that I have completed three trades fully. I became green, they paid me through paypal and left feedback for me.

Another major problem with this system is that as traders turn green for you, you have to pay them, but you don't get paid until all four of your referrals go green. So you could be waiting a couple of days. I have not done this to make money. So far, I have only been the one who goes green, but I may soon branch out into this other side.

In order to become the initiator and have people go green for you, you must have a TR of at least 4. If you would like more information on this, please let me know.

Stay tuned for the third way to make money with this system.

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