Monday, June 4, 2007

Everybody needs to know they aren't alone.

I recently joined a group for work at home employees or hopefuls. It seems to me that everyone needs this type of group. It includes those people that have been looking for a work at home position and those that already have one, which is enlightening. It helps the potential home worker to realize they aren't alone in their search, it gives them hope that there are jobs out there, and it gives them leads as to what type of jobs are out there and what companies are hiring.

For the seasoned home working professional or the starter home working professional, it gratifies them to know that people look up to them, and feels good for them to know that they can help others.

This group is a place where people can talk about their struggles and challenges, but also shares the joys and accomplishments that each person has attained or are trying to reach. The group is called Work at Home and is a great place to get advice, hope, conversation and moral support. Hope to see you there!

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