Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pay Per Post Starting to Pay Off

Okay, so I placed a post on this site for and guess what? It got approved and put $8 in my account. This was one short blog post that literally took 4 1/2 minutes. How awesome is that???

Crystina had been talking to a friend that worked for, who by the way, makes $150 a day blogging, and he told her about payperpost. We both signed up immediately and are enjoying our small successes right now. Small because we just started, but I'd say that $8 is good for 5 minutes of work, wouldn't you?

Anyway, try it out, its completely free and its fun. You get to write about the stuff you are interested in and throw in some recommedations for stuff or services you actually like. The link is on the side bar. Take a chance and it will pay off, if you stick with it.

Have a great day!!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This is Absolutely Awesome!!

Crystina sent me a link a few days ago to a place called associated content. It is truly a very good way to make money. I haven't found anything that has been this cool.

Associated Content is a site where you submit your own writings, be it a college research paper, or a review of a local hotspot, you get paid for what you submit. You don't need your own blog or anything else, you just sign up FOR FREE, and you are in. Then you simply read the guidelines for submissions and put them in for publishing. It is amazing. The pay per piece is $3-$20. You may submit as many pieces per day as you like.

Seriously it is really neat and a great way of making money. It pays through paypal. So you will need a paypal account. You may, if you haven't already, get paypals check card/debit card. That way you have instant access to your money. It will only pay if you are a US Citizen and you may submit articles in either English or Spanish.

I am posting the link below and it will be permanently on the sidebar, if anyone is interested.

Good luck !
Associated Content

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mikes Free List of Surveys

I put a link on the side of this page about a week ago. I was trying out the whole, do surveys get paid, thing. Now, I haven't been doing it for long enough to let you know whether it really works yet or not, but I am going to warn you about something. I used my paypal email address, because these survey companies pay you through paypal, but I recommend that you do not do the same thing. Set up a new free email account and use that.

On some of these survey forms you are allowed to use one email address and then put in your paypal address for payment.

I am going to try to find out if there is a way to link a seperate email address that can be linked to your current paypal address, but if not I will be filtering these messages from one email address to another.

I will let you know how it is for money, but for now, that is all I have. (SMILE)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I'm Wishing, I'm Wishing For the Car I love.....

What could be better than winning a brand new car? Winning a BMW 3.

If you have ever had "used car" trouble than you know what I mean when I say I WANT A NEW CAR! Which is just what I will get if I win the BMW 3 Series on lowest bid. I have a Nissan Quest right now and I so would love to drive down the street in an actual luxury car instead of the "mommy mobile." (Smile) A BMW, every mothers fantasy, and I am certainly no different. I have 5 hours and 33 minutes till I find out my fate. Don't worry everyone, I will let you know if I win. If not, well, I guess I won't have anything to write about. LOL.

Bid4prizes is a new way to get what you want. The items are won by choosing the lowest unique price. By unique, I mean, that the bid that you choose is only good if no one else chooses it. Sound fun? Well you can try it out for free on lowest bid. I am currently bidding on the BMW and the WII. I can't wait to find out if I won!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2007


This is an exciting day for me! My blog (this blog) got accepted by I have submitted it three times and they have been denied until now. The first time, it was denied because it was too young. The second time, it was denied because it didn't have enough posts on it, but the third times the charm, right?

I went on to see how many opportunities I had, since I am a beginner and I was actually surprised to see that I had twelve qualified opportunities. This means that I have twelve posts that I can do for The limit is three per day per approved blog, so I already have four days worth of opportunities. I am so excited.

I will keep you posted. If you feel like giving it a try, let me know, I'd be happy to help you get started.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Remember when I was telling you about the free ebook that Stacy Perez wrote? Well WE HAVE IT!!! She emailed me and sent me the book for my blog. So Thank You Stacy. :)

I am sure you will be excited to view her book. Take the time to actually go through it, and read what she is saying, because she is one of the most successful internet moms, and she knows what she is talking about. When I read her ebook I was filled with hope for the future and I am sure you will be too.

So here it is ladies and gentlemen. Take your time and peruse at your leisure.


Stacys list of work at home jobs

You can also sign up for Stacy's newsletter at her site Dotcommommies.

This woman is a fountain of information.

How about a little help?

I have been thinking. What does every person, who is interested in a site like this, want? Answers, right? Well I want to help you find those answers. So, from now on I will be taking questions and if I don't know the answers, I will find them for you.

I know there are a lot of people with a lot of information to offer. So I thought I would offer to be your free research assistant. You ask the questions, I find the answers. (lol) Well, I don't have a lot of traffic on this site yet but hopefully when I get more people on it, there will be a lot of questions. The more questions I have to research, the more information I store up in my brain.

So I am offerring you my services as a researcher. Even if you just need help looking for a job, let me know. I can start scouring the web looking for a job that may fit you perfectly.

A Little Inspiration!

Stacy Perez started a website in order to help find telecommute jobs. She was pregnant and wanted to stay at home with her child when he was born. She immediately started getting hits and in a relatively short period of time has become one of the internets best known mommy entrepreneurs.

I won't tell you her story, because she is perfectly capable of doing so. What I will do is give you a link to her site. You probably already know it, dotcommommies.

Take a little bit of time, if you are serious about working from home, and stop by to see Stacy. She has an incredible site and always is completely honest with you.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

I turned 30 today, can you believe it? I can't. I don't feel any different, and there may be a few new lines in my face but what can I say? I'm still young. (Smile)

Well, besides having banana splits for my birthday instead of cake and ice cream, I decided to make some changes. Maybe changes isn't quite the idea. Well, I guess goals is more the thing.

My first goal is the same goal that I have had for the last 4 months, and one you may have seen on my other blog, Weightloss Trail, which is just my blog documenting my weightloss struggle. I won't bore you with it now, but you can go there and read it if you want. So hopefully for my 31st birthday picture I won't have such a fat face.

My second goal is to find a great business that I can do from home THIS year. I am done with waiting and trying out everything. Hopefully between the blogging and GDI, the business I started in recently, I have already found them, so that brings me to my next goal.

My third goal is to get as many resources as I possibly can for mothers and fathers struggling with the same goal as my second. I would love to share with you real jobs and real opportunities. I would love to help someone before they spend five years looking for a work at home job. So my third goal is sort of a committment to you and this blog. I will spend countless hours finding you the information you need.

My fourth goal is to get through my last few months of school. Not a goal I really like, but a goal nevertheless. (lol)

Just so that you know my first and foremost goals and every goal thereafter have the standard goal in them, to be a better servant to Jesus, a better wife to my husband, a better mother to my children, and a better person all around.

All Things Mommy!

Crystina just started a fantastic blog called All Things Mommy. It features everything from homeschooling and the first Creation museum to funny anectdotes about being a mom.

If you are into homeschooling or unschooling this will be a fantastic resource for you. She and I homeschool six children (I know I am repeating myself) but maybe somebody didn't read that post. lol. The point it isn't just an empty blog, she actually knows about homeschooling and unschooling and would be a great resource if you need to ask questions. (which you can do on her site) And if she doesn't know the answers, she will find them for you.

Anyway its a neat little blog so if your in the neighborhood ....

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm so excited!!!!

I was continuing on through Tory Johnson's information, and she actually has a whole list of work at home companies and positions at this site Just scroll down and she has 4 pages worth of these jobs.

That is not why I am excited though. What I found on one of her job listings was this: remember how I told you about my moms adventure with At Home Professions, the correspondence school that taught her transcription and medical coding? Well, the American Association for Medical Transcription has released a few schools that they absolutely approve of. So if you really want to do transcription then check out your choice of school on this site before you sign up or make any decisions. This site also has an employment resource. So you may find that helpful also.

Good Morning Tory!

Tory Johnson has become the spokesperson for legitimate home employment opportunities. Maybe you have seen her on Good Morning America. The first time I saw her was when she was promoting ChaCha on the show, but that isn't the only job she has up her sleeve. She is a veritable fountain of information and hope.

The reason I am telling you all about her is because she actually takes personal emails in order to try and help you get a telecommute job that will fit your needs; scam free. Doesn't that sound wonderful???

You can contact Tory at and hopefully she will pull out a telecommute job wonder story just for you.

Whats not to love?

Benjamin Gan started a site, Telecommute Job List, that literally has posted ALL of the jobs in Craigslist. Not just for his community or city, or even for his own state, but nationwide. How cool is that?!!

When I saw the site I was immediately impressed. There are so many jobs listed and guess what? All of them were current.

Today is May 22, 2007 and the job listings started today, May 22, 2007. So many times, people start sites and don't keep them current. Web surfers end up applying to apply to jobs that have been out of the running for days, weeks, and even sometimes months.

Some websites don't even show a listing date, so you wouldn't have a clue as to when the job was posted. So, it is very refreshing to see a website that is not only up to date, but that lists the times of the post.

Another nice feature on this website is the job listing directory on the right hand side of the page. It allows for quick browsing to save on time, and believe me, with all of those job listings, you'll need all the extra time you can get.

If you get the time, stop over and see this site, it'll be well worth your time. That is, of course, only if you need a real telecommute job, and want a great list to choose from.

Nice job Mr. Gan!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007


Recently I ran accross an ad in Craigslist. It had a link to a video that I sat through. It took a half hour and you know what? At the end of the half hour, I was actually convinced that I could make money off of this company.

The company is called GDI and they are the proud owners of the .ws rage. They hold all rights to .ws and are marketing it in a way that allows regular people, like me, to profit from it.

I immediately emailed the man who posted his ad on Craigslist and to make a long story short, I signed up.

The first thing that caught me was that it had a free seven day trial for new sign ups. The second thing (the most important thing, in my book) was that even after the trial was over, the charge was only $10 a month. Now how could I beat that? I am always a little skeptical about paying money out, however, and so I wanted to see what I got for the $10 a month. The truth is I got a lot of services. I got my own domain name, and the ability to build a webpage with their tools. The .com days are by no means fading, but .com is becoming awful congested with the millions upon billions of people taking up the webspace, so .ws is a needed commodity.

My sponsor, Gary, told me about the program and I was very excited to get started. He gave me a few lessons and off I went. My sister, Crystina, signed up also and she began the same day I did. Now I am not good at selling or marketing, but I figured I would give it a shot. Within a couple days I had three people underneath me. Thats not a lot but five people in a week will get you a $100 bonus, so I am committed to getting to five people in a week.

The bonuses do come with a stipulation. In order to qualify for them, you have to buy 10 of the company dvd's from the company and thats that. It was a total of a little over $36. I am committed to seeing this thing through for at least 4-6 months. It isn't expensive and it takes very little time. So, I will report and let you know how it goes. If anyone is interested in the video I saw, the link is on the right side of the page or I can put it right here.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Scams, scams, and more scams

I just came accross a site called Danny's Scam Review,, and I am thinking of trying one or two of his recommedations.

Danny apparently has tried a bunch of different work at home businesses and advertises he has been scammed 37 times. While we all have been scammed before his information is certainly more helpful as he has taken the businesses that weren't scams and rated them 1through 3. I would love it if any of you know anything about this, or can vouch for Danny. This would be so helpful to all of the readers of these work at home sites.

I may try all of them just to report back to you what I find. Hmmm... I'm thinking.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

A Fantastic Resource

When it comes to working at home jobs, business opportunities, and telecommuting tips, WAHM is the site. If you don't believe me just check it out at

Cheryl Demas started wahm as a way for mothers to work at home. She has formed a strong network of moms and dads, who are all committed to becoming work at home parents. She makes sure there is an updated list of actual scam free telecommute jobs. She makes sure that she warns people against specific scams, such as telling her web community that they should NEVER pay for a position with a legitimate company.

She has a business opportunity page, which also serves as a great way to advertise for your own company. She provides a message board so that the members can talk to each other and get answers to their questions. There are helpful suggestions for starting a business on her Read and Learn with Wahm. All in all, there is no better or more helpful site online than

Kudos Cheryl and thanks for all that you have done for the moms and dads out there that needed a good start. You gave it to them!