Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Summer Score!

I have two sons, Zechariah (9) and Nathanael (7). I homeschool them during Fall, Winter, and Spring, but they started out behind so its been hard trying to catch them up.

So this year I started looking for a summer school program to help them. Score Educational Center has a reading program for every grade. They help make the reading fun and the children seem to enjoy it. With the types of learning they provide I have heard that a child can literally be reading a grade level higher at the end of the thirty one-hour sessions. Those sessions can be spread out over the entire summer or just a few concentrated days.

I signed up for more information on their site and am anxiously awaiting their call back. It is definitely everything I need for my children. I would love for the boys to feel good about their reading for a change. Score Educational Center can accomplish that. I think that reading well will make them totally different people. They don't get teased a lot or anything, because they are homeschooled, but real accomplishment breeds real self esteem, and that is what I am going for.

If your child is having trouble in any subject please feel free to investigate at Summer Program I was thrilled with the idea of a program like this. My boys are even excited!

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