Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This is Absolutely Awesome!!

Crystina sent me a link a few days ago to a place called associated content. It is truly a very good way to make money. I haven't found anything that has been this cool.

Associated Content is a site where you submit your own writings, be it a college research paper, or a review of a local hotspot, you get paid for what you submit. You don't need your own blog or anything else, you just sign up FOR FREE, and you are in. Then you simply read the guidelines for submissions and put them in for publishing. It is amazing. The pay per piece is $3-$20. You may submit as many pieces per day as you like.

Seriously it is really neat and a great way of making money. It pays through paypal. So you will need a paypal account. You may, if you haven't already, get paypals check card/debit card. That way you have instant access to your money. It will only pay if you are a US Citizen and you may submit articles in either English or Spanish.

I am posting the link below and it will be permanently on the sidebar, if anyone is interested.

Good luck !
Associated Content

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