Saturday, May 26, 2007

I'm Wishing, I'm Wishing For the Car I love.....

What could be better than winning a brand new car? Winning a BMW 3.

If you have ever had "used car" trouble than you know what I mean when I say I WANT A NEW CAR! Which is just what I will get if I win the BMW 3 Series on lowest bid. I have a Nissan Quest right now and I so would love to drive down the street in an actual luxury car instead of the "mommy mobile." (Smile) A BMW, every mothers fantasy, and I am certainly no different. I have 5 hours and 33 minutes till I find out my fate. Don't worry everyone, I will let you know if I win. If not, well, I guess I won't have anything to write about. LOL.

Bid4prizes is a new way to get what you want. The items are won by choosing the lowest unique price. By unique, I mean, that the bid that you choose is only good if no one else chooses it. Sound fun? Well you can try it out for free on lowest bid. I am currently bidding on the BMW and the WII. I can't wait to find out if I won!!!!

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