Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mikes Free List of Surveys

I put a link on the side of this page about a week ago. I was trying out the whole, do surveys get paid, thing. Now, I haven't been doing it for long enough to let you know whether it really works yet or not, but I am going to warn you about something. I used my paypal email address, because these survey companies pay you through paypal, but I recommend that you do not do the same thing. Set up a new free email account and use that.

On some of these survey forms you are allowed to use one email address and then put in your paypal address for payment.

I am going to try to find out if there is a way to link a seperate email address that can be linked to your current paypal address, but if not I will be filtering these messages from one email address to another.

I will let you know how it is for money, but for now, that is all I have. (SMILE)

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