Thursday, March 1, 2007

Have You Ever Heard of Alpine Access?

Alpine access is a Customer Call Center that is based out of each employee's home. It's actually really neat. I worked for Alpine in the Office Depot/Viking Department for over 11 months.

The pay is good, $9 hour, and they don't pay you based on active calls. You get paid for every hour you are on the phone, waiting for calls, or on a call, you name it, you get paid. And what about the savings on gas alone. Seriously, at the rate gas is going for, that has to be a wonderful perk!! You get to pick your own schedule (out of the schedules they offer you) and there is no cost to join the company.

That said, their noise tolerance is zero, so you have to keep your children absolutely silent. The schedules they give you to pick from usually make you work on at least one weekend day. The scripts are strict and you must try to upsell. You also have to have dsl or a high speed internet connection (NOT WIRELESS), a headset with noise canceling feature, and a mute button. Most people use plantronics. I got my plantronics from for a fraction of the cost.

Are all of the cons enough to tell you its a bad job? Heck no!!!

In fact, had the kids been in public school and not at home, I would probably still be working there, but six children and silence???? I don't think so.

If you are looking for work and you think you can keep your background noise to zero, then Alpine Access may be the place for you.

Check out if you want to explore this option further.

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Crystina said...

I worked for Alpine for almost or a little over a year too! I loved the job itself, I was a customer service agent for GE Exxon Mobil. I took calls for their credit cards. You know like someone would want to know how much was left on their card, or if I could waive a late fee, or if I could give them a credit line increase. Anyway, I had a problem with the noise thing too. Not to mention I couldn't seem to get off the phones in five minutes or less. LOL.
Anyway, I still have friends working for Alpine and they are doing fine. One works for AAA Auto, and the other is a GE Walmart credit card cust. serv rep.