Thursday, March 8, 2007

At Home Professions

My mother, Sherry, my sister, Crystina, and I went to a seminar a while back for a correspondence school called At Home Professions. While sitting there listening to the motivational speaker explain how each of us could get a home profession and have the job we'd always dreamt about, I realized how big the desire was for people to want to work at home. That room was large and it was full of people. I think there might have been 2-6 seats still available and that was it. We all sat scrunched up in little seats and avidly paid attention to that speaker.

At Home Professions offers several certificate plans, and they also help you get a job once you are done with your certificate program. My mother immediately signed up for medical transcription. She thought that with the training program and the help the school would give her, after completing her program, that she couldn't lose.

She did her studies and even began to take another certificate course in Medical Coding. When she finished, she had her certificates and no job. She ended up going to work in an office for Medical Coding. She wasn't dissapointed. You see, in the medical field most employers want experience.

Regardless of finishing a course or having a certificate, doctors want to know that you know your stuff. So, she made her way back into the commuting world and eventually gave up the medical field and went back to titles.

My point is this, schooling isn't enough. You need experience in the professional jobs today. Don't let this get you down because as you have seen, there are far more opportunities out there for people with no degree, or certifcate, than we had originally imagined. We'll all find something at some point, it just depends on how hard we look. (SMILE)

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