Monday, March 12, 2007

EBAY and the millionaires its makes!!!

Ebay, one of the fastest growing money makers ever, is supposed to be a shoe in for anyone who wants to make money. Well, I ask you, why not me?

I love ebay. I love to buy on ebay, sell on ebay, and I would LOVE to make money on ebay. So why can't I?

Well through all of those thousands of ebay marketing schemes, the courses offered by various successfull ebayers, and the tutorials given by ebay themselves, I still can't figure out what to sell, who to trust and where to start.

I sold my childrens go carts on ebay, and a few pair of jeans. But I certainly don't have enough stuff in my home to make a million dollars. I don't even have the money to go buy a bunch of things to sell on ebay. I have heard of the drop shippers and have looked up a few, but I am not sure which one to pick.

Admittedly I am just a chicken and maybe even a baby for wanting someone to hold my hand through this phase, but it doesn't change anything. Its not that I'm not motivated. It's not that I can't do it, its simpy this, I am not sure what to do.

I expect that I am not the only one, and for those who are like me, well hopefully we'll all figure it out, but until then, I am asking, if you know what you are doing on ebay, can you please help the rest of us? Can you help us and tell us what to do in the simplest terms, for a reasonable price, if any?

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