Friday, April 13, 2007

Cha Cha after the shine wears off.

The happiness we all felt at finding a new job at Chacha a while back has officially lost its luster. Although, still at great search tool, it is not such a great job.

While it definitely allows you the flexibility to get on to work whenever you want, it doesn't not pay you enough for you to consider being at work.

The new rule is that we won't be paid after 6 minutes. We have so many crank queries that I have given up even trying to take them. Its actually more of a hassle to work there than it is to go through and tighten up my budget.

At most, I have been getting paid $5.00 an hour. It is literally .50 cents every 5 minutes. There are some people still trying to work it out, but the vast majority of us have dropped it due to low pay and the irritation of never getting a real search.

Well, I guess it was just to good to be true.

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