Monday, April 30, 2007

Bad News

I may have mentioned that my goal in finding something from home, is to bring my husband home. I also would like to find something my 63 year old dad can do from home.

My husband recently started a new job and really likes it. I, on the other hand, hate it. Not because I am clingy or because I can't stand for him to work outside the house, but because since he started there, its like he never has any free time. I will be forever grateful if he can come home and do what he really wants, which is comic book art. He's really good and he has been pursuing his BA in gaming for over a year.

My husband is great at his job, but he has always made it a priority to be off when he's off and to make family time his number one thing. Hopefully we can find something that will allow for this.

My dad, on the other hand, was at his company for over eleven years, and the day after Christmas, was called in to the owners office and laid off. He is 63 years old, as I mentioned before, and nobody will hire him. He is on unemployment now, and he already had to file for early social security.

Isn't it a shame how our people are treated? Isn't it a shame how these companies own us and then discard us because they don't think we are useful any longer?

I am determined to find something that these men can do from home. I am determined to find something that will allow them to stand up and say, you don't own me.

Stand up with me today and take your life back.

(If anyone has any ideas let me know please. LOL)

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