Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Working From Home isn't Easy!!

Working at home is hard. I mean be honest, how many of us are earning enough to support our families? Not many. There are a huge amount of bloggers that are earning a lot of money, but the vast majority of us are out here struggling. What I guess I wanted to say before I tell you about something new, is that even those bloggers that are making it big now, started off slow. So be patient and go easy on yourself and don't give up. Anything worth having is worth fighting for right? So, I try these little programs that some say aren't really worth our time, but when they add up they give me and my family a little something extra. So please don't worry if the small business ideas I give you, aren't something you are interested in. I am just trying everything to see how it works.

One day, I will be able to tell you exactly what works and what doesn't. At least, I hope to be able to. LOL

As you know I am always trying something new and I found something new to tell you about yesterday. Now, I don't really know whether you want to get excited about it or anything but it is something and I am told you can earn around $150-$200 a month. While that isn't enough to support a family of one, let alone a family of four, it certainly could help with the gas bills. lol.

Free money making opportunity. Join and earn cash.

There are actually two of these types of opportunities (at least that I am aware of) and if there are more that you know about, please let me know.

The idea goes something like this: you download Cashfiesta's tool bar onto your computer. It shows up on your screen, you can choose whether you want it on top or bottom. There is a little caveman (or something) walking on the left hand side of the tool bar. While he is walking you are earning points, and points translate into money. I don't really know how much money at this point, since I just started yesteray, but I am sure to find out. If the caveman stops walking at any point during your web surfing then you know that you have stopped earning points. If this happens, just follow the directions to get your guy walking again. It is really very simple.

There are other ways you can make more money also. They have special offers that you can do to earn you more money, which I haven't done yet, and probably won't do, and they have their referral rewards program. If you want to try it out, then please click on the banner in this post or on the right side where all my links are.

I did mention another one of these types of earnings programs, and I have signed up for the other one, but at this point it is not up and running, so as I learn more about that program I will let you know.

Until then, we'll see how this works. (smile)

Have a great day!!!!

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