Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fantastic Advice from Scott At LegitimateBusinessReviews.com

I had an important email from a leading internet entrepeneur, Scott Edward. He has a super site LegitimateBusinessReviews.com
Anyway, I asked Scott for permission to pass his email on to you. So here it is and thanks so much Scott. Your advice is invaluable.

Hi Danyiell,

I'm so tired of it that I'm issuing an official warning.People are being duped by aparticular kind of work-at-homebusiness and I wanted to letyou know about it.Anytime you see a Business 0pp.about data entry or typ-ing at home,put your guard up. Here's why: They are fooling you into thinking that you are going to be doing some typing in your spare time and getting paid for it.These are the statements to look out for:"Fill out simple web forms forcompanies""Choose the companies you wantto work with from our onlinecatalog""You will never be turned downby these companies""Simply copy and paste the information we provide you intothe form."Don't believe what you read on those websites.Want to know what they're reallyselling? It's actually the sameas the pay-per-click or affiliatemarketing sites. What you do is write ads that will be attractive and will send prospective customers to otherwebsites. If those customers buy,you get a com-mission.It's NOT just typing. You haveto open up an account with oneof the online advertisers (usuallyGoogle or Yahoo). Then you enterthe ads and they go out on theInternet. Here's what you're not told: everytime someone clicks on your ad, youpay!YOU PAY!You pay around a dollar per click.And if you want better exposure,you pay more than that. If your ad is sparkling and the site you send someone to is really a great value, then you might makesome decent money.The truth is that this kind ofprogram actually works. But if you're like me, I don't want to reward a company for deceiving me into their business.It's an affiliate marketingbusiness, but they deceive youinto thinking it's a typing business.I'd rather do business with a company that is up-front about what I will be doing.It is NOT my intent to "sell" you anything in this email. I just wanted to warn you about these companies.I get so many people asking about them. Just watch out for them.

There is a reason that the #1 payment processor on the Internet,
Clickbank, removed all of the data-entry programs from their product
lists last Fall. Their refund rates were through the roof. It's not a data entry business.

Don't be deceived.

Keep your guard up,


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